in case you’ve been wondering…

hello my lovely friends! ❤ how are you all doing?

it’s been a while since i posted anything on my blog or posted comments on your blog. there is a reason behind it and it’s called time. a lot of things happened the past weeks and i am still in a big project, that i will share with you, once it’s finalized.

the thing just is, that i don’t have time at the moment. i don’t know where it goes, but it’s just not there. you all know, that i have been dealing with health issues the past year and it got to a point, where i couldn’t ignore it anymore. the wonderful mischenko over @ReadRantRock&Roll posted her story in january and while reading that story, so much stuff just made sense to me. it clicked and i knew, that i needed to change some stuff in my life. and number one was my health. so i switched everything. like high detox and it just gave me more trouble. the health level last month was basically very, very bad. but i am feeling the change slowly and that’s a very very good thing. i will work on it more and i am very confident, that it will turn out for the best!


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top 5 tuesday – my top 5 ships



hey my fellow bookoholics, how are you all doing? ❤ i hope you had a great weekend and wonderful start into the week. i am taking a trip currently, which is very important for me and i hope, that i’ll got some news for you soon. i’m really excited. but before we get to all that, it’s time for another top 5 tuesday. it was created by shanah over at Bionic Book Worm. please go and check out her blog, because she’s awesome!

this week’s topic is: top 5 “ships” i’ll sail to the ends of the earth. this one is a little unfair, because i pretty much ship everyone in every book. 😀 i am a hopeless romantic and i love when people get together and find love or friendship. my heart can’t get enough of that and that’s why there are so many ships out there, that i love. this will definitely be a hard one to narrow down 😀


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sunshine blogger award #3



happy friday my wonderful people! ❤ how are you all doing? i can’t wait for the weekend because i have a special trip planned and i am very excited to get some reading time and seeing special people. it will be a blast! what are your plans?

i got nominated for the “sunshine blogger award” by the wonderful emma over @emma reads and i am very thankful. i haven’t done an award in a long time and i thought, that now it’s time again. so thank you so much emma. i loved your answers and i am looking forward to answer your questions. guys, please check out her blog. go, go, go!


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top 5 tuesday – cover buys



hey my lovely fellow bookworms! ❤ how is everyone today? i know, i know, i promised to be back soon and hop on your blogs, i just don’t know where the time is going. my schedule is still a mess, but i promise, you’ll hear from me soon!! hang in there 😀 but first, it’s time for another top 5 tuesday. it was created by shanah over at Bionic Book Worm. please go and check out her blog, because she’s awesome!

this week’s topic is: top 5 cover buys. i admit, that i love beautiful covers and that i always tend to buy books with great covers. i mostly know a little bit about the story, but since i am hooked on the story already the cover does the rest. and sometimes i just buy it without knowing much. so let’s get to that list of mine, shall we?


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january 2018 wrap up


happy friday guys!! it’s almost weekend, we almost made it! 🙂 i can’t wait. these past few weeks were so busy and i just want to relax and go book shopping with my best book buddy! it will be amazing. 🙂

since i was so busy last month, i wasn’t able to read a lot. but that is ok. i don’t want to force myself to reading and if my body tells me no, i know that i need to listen to it. so everything is good. all in all i read six books, almost seven and i am totally fine with that. let’s get to my wrap up. 🙂


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WWW wednesday #4 in 2018


hey people! ❤ how are you all doing? i am still busy but i hope that after this week, i will be able to blog hop again. please bare with me! 😀 😀 😀
my reading isn’t going that great in the last weeks, since i have a lot to do and at the end of the day, i just want to close my eyes. it’s really hard to tackle this at the moment. but i also know, that other times will come and all will be good 🙂 so let me know! how is your reading going?


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